Custom Decks & Outdoor Living Space

We are committed to building strong, beautiful decks, pergolas, gazebos, arbors and fences. Our objective is to help you create a backyard oasis, where we provide the hard work and you sit back and enjoy the view. From design consultation, to material selection, to final construction, Cheam Lake Enterprises provide a complete and affordable solution.

Deck Building Materials

Deck building involves selecting and working with a variety of building materials. In the past your choices were limited to pressure treated wood, cedar, or redwood. Today your choices are not so simple. The options range from composite decking made from recycled plastics to a wide variety of hardwoods from Brazil. New products are flooding into the market every year. You may be trying to accomplish a certain look or cut down on maintenance.

Deck materials must be able to withstand the powerful forces of nature over years of exposure to the elements. Factors such as severe temperature changes, intense sun, rain, snow, and wind will put any material to the test of longevity. Deck materials must also be strong; how can you be sure a material will be able to support the loads exerted on it and pass building inspections? And on top of everything else most people want their deck to be attractive and compliment their house and landscaping.